The prospective of liquid crystals in nano formulations for drug delivery systems

By Rakesh K. Sindhu, Simona Cavalu et al.

Liquid crystals (LCs) are also known as mesophase, which means an intermediate state between conventional solids and isotropic liquid, being mostly classified into two types: thermo tropic LCs (phase transition as a function of temperature) and lyotropic LCs (phase transition as a function of concentration of amphiphiles). Important features like thermodynamic stability, improved solubility of hydrophobic drugs, improved bioavailability and controlled release pattern made them effective carriers for a variety of drugs and bioactive compounds. Due to these unique features, LCs possess wide applications in the field of pharmaceuticals and become an attractive choice of vehicle for in vivo drug delivery. This review paper aims on highlighting the concept of LCs, classification, preparation methods and characterization techniques, in the context of pharmaceutical applications along with its perspectives in drug delivery systems. (Rajni Bala, Rakesh K. Sindhu, Bharti Kaundle, Reecha Madaan, Simona Cavalu, JOMS 1245, 2021, 131117)