Prof. Dr. Simona Cavalu

Simona Cavalu

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
 Preclinical Sciences Department

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Contact information: S. Cavalu, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
P-ta 1 Decembrie 10, 410081
Oradea, Romania

+40259415680/ +40259476724



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My family

Simona Cavalu and her family

Sports and hobby

Simona Cavalu la ski

Simona Cavalu la ski

Simona Cavalu in the mountains

My wonderful students

Simona Cavalu's students

Simona Cavalu's students

From ISM-CNR   Istituto di Struttura della Materia-ROMA

From Istanbul Technical University

Simona Cavalu at Istanbul Technical University

Simona Cavalu at Istanbul Technical University

Simona Cavalu at Istanbul

24 thoughts on “Prof. Dr. Simona Cavalu

  1. Formidable work on natural extracts. I am impressed by the research on propolis extracts.
    The University is fortunate to have such a Professor. Keep on the good work!

  2. I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet you as a coordinating professor and doctoral supervisor. You are a true professional in everything you do. I wish you continued success with your students and all the science projects!

  3. I’m very lucky I had a the opportunity to be your PhD student! Thank you, and congratulations for all the achievements and all the exceptional scientific projects! The amazing results you have can improve many medical treatments. Nano medicine is the future!

  4. You are the right person in the right place. You prove a professional quality of great value, and the seriousness, meticulousness of transmitting your knowledge to future generations and your finesse is admirable.

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