Revisiting Therapeutic Strategies for H. pylori Treatment in the Context of Antibiotic Resistance: Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies

By I.A. Cardos, D. C. Zaha, R.K. Sindhu and Simona Cavalu

Copyright Simona Cavalu et al.
Carcinogenic effect of H. pylori through different mechanisms. Copyright Simona Cavalu et al.
Copyright Simona Cavalu et al.
H. pylori infections and alternative treatment approaches. Copyright Simona Cavalu et al.

H. pylori is responsible for a chronic, transmissible, infectious disease and the increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance has complicated the therapy. All therapies should assume the possibility of antimicrobial drug resistance.

In the context of increasing rates of antibiotic-resistant H. pylori strains, the risk factors and prevalence on global population, the aim of our work is to highlight the main drawbacks of currently used treatment regimens against H. pylori and at the same time, to emphasize the huge potential of natural alternatives, plants extracts and new formulation design and strategies to combat this pathogen. Special attention is also given to nanotechnological formulations, with huge potential for tissue microenvironment-responsive treatment. Copyright Simona Cavalu et al.

Nanotechnology-Based Approach against H. pylori Infections

Metallic NPs such as silver, gold, zinc or iron have been previously reported to possess the ability of killing a wide range of bacteria including H. pylori [153,154] by well-known underlying mechanisms involving oxidative stress, metal ion release and nonoxidative stress. A very low NPs concentration is necessary for bactericidal effect, and hence, it is difficult for the bacteria to develop resistance. Among different metallic NPs, AgNPs are convenient, especially the biologically derived ones, as the preparation methods demonstrated a controlled particle size, shape, and mono-dispersity, while reducing time of preparation, in the context of environmentally friendly approaches. Copyright Simona Cavalu et al.

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